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June 25, 2020
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An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

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"An apple a day keeps the doctor away", this is what my sis and I grew up with. My mom made all possible efforts to drill this into us. She felt it was the best way to get us to eat an apple without a fuss (a really fussy eater I was till I started cooking. Only when I started cooking on my own did I actually realize how much of effort my dear mom would have put into making each of the yummy dishes).

My mom was definitely successful in her efforts and so "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" became a part of us in no time. It was the rule until we grew up, however, while in university somebody added a new twist to it? An apple a day keeps the doctor away, however, if the doctor is handsome keep the apple away. No doctor seemed so interesting that he was worth keeping the apple away for. However today with in-laws being doctors this is something that we all have a good laugh over.

Coming back to apples, this is truly a wonder fruit. Available in so many varieties and sizes red, green, big and small you would be able to find just the one to suit your preferences. It has several properties that goes to make it a wonderful source of nutrition.

Apples are known to work wonders preventing several types of cancers namely the prostrate cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer. A native of the Central Asian region, the apple is high in fiber and is effective in regulating the bowel movements. Apples are also good for the heart, a symbol of romance apples help in controlling cholesterol levels and are also helpful in weight loss. With high antioxidant properties, apples must definitely be a part of our diet to stay healthy and fit.

With fruits and vegetables making a major difference to our overall health and well-being it is advisable to include a generous helping of a variety of fruits in the daily diet. Apples are definitely a must have whether raw or in some other delicious form.

When eating them raw, do ensure that you wash your apple well before consuming it. This is very important considering the harmful insecticides and pesticides that form a layer on the surface of such fruits. Organic apples - a great choice as you eliminate all the harmful effects.

There is scope for a lot of experimentation with this wonder fruit. From apple shakes that tastes great with honey to apple pies and tarts they are truly heavenly. Apple pies with crisp pie crusts and delicious soft apples on the inside can be absolutely divine. Baking an apple pie can be a lot of fun too. I remember once trying an apple crumble recipe. The recipe was simply superb as a dessert. Served with a dollop of ice cream it was indeed an instant hit.

I liked this video by Scott too, wherein he has shown how to go about making caramel apples. I like caramel strawberries or the chocolate dipped strawberries but doing them with apples did add a good twist. There's definitely a lot you can do with apples.

So, the next time you meet a handsome and interesting doctor - you definitely know what to do. Don't put the apple aside, treat the doctor to a delicious apple pie and you can be sure of what to expect. Remember the way to a man's heart is definitely through his stomach:).


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