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October 26, 2020
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Cookware & Crockery For The Professionals

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Professional chefs and catering professionals need to possess certain essential cooking and crockery items in order to keep their businesses running smoothly, and to make the most appealing presentation of food possible. Creating the right image for their business is essential to help businesses to be successful, earn a great reputation, and to secure future business.

Professional cookware is essential to the creation of an excellent menu. Some of the top brands of professional cookware are Calphalon, Le Crueset, All-Clad and Nordic Ware. Professionals need to have top quality cookware that will perform well and that will last for years, even under very busy professional cooking conditions.

Any great catering business needs a good supply of catering equipment such as dinnerware, glassware, food transportation products and display items in order to make every event special and memorable for their customers. Creating wonderfully appealing food will bring customers back and strengthen the business by creating a stellar reputation for the professional catering business.

Revol porcelain is some of the best porcelain available today for use by professionals. Made in France by a family run business in Saint-Uze since 1879, this outstanding porcelain is made of extremely hard material that is exceptionally resistant to chipping and cracking. Whether chefs or caterers are utilising ramekins or casserole dishes, everything goes from kitchen stove to tables, and also from freezers to microwaves beautifully and with ease.

Revol porcelain is fired at an extremely high temperature, making it absolutely non-porous and hygienic, due to the fact that it will not absorb any odours, bacteria or cooking fats. And Revol porcelain contains no cadmium, chromium, mercury or lead, making it some of the safest professional cookware and bake ware available today.

Caterers and other professionals will also find exceptional quality bar equipment and glassware that is very sturdy and crack resistant. Due to the high amount of use that bar equipment and glassware receives when utilised professionally, caterers and professionals are wise to purchase the very best available so it will last for years, even under heavy use.

Schonwald is a wonderful supplier of fine porcelain for professional use. Schonwald porcelain is made by fine craftsmen from Germany, and the company celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2004. They supply caterers and other professionals with everything from soup bowls to plates to drinking glasses to coffee cups, all completely stack-able which helps to save space in any kitchen. Porcelain by Schonwald features exceptionally high quality, and the company has won many design awards for their fine porcelain products.

Magnificently delicious food that is presented attractively will provide any professional caterer with an outstanding reputation. That great reputation will provide new business and return business for many years.


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